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Why You Should Choose Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company?

As numbers usually speak better than words, especially when it comes to hard earned money, we’ve decided to post a breakdown of how much you can save by using our services instead of options one or two above .

Most people go for is letting the estate agency take care of it all, as this way the cleaning is guaranteed to be up to their standard and there’s nothing for you to do at all, you just hand over the keys and pay the invoice in a week or so.

The downside of this approach is that most letting agencies would pay much more than what you would for the same service. Generally speaking such agencies pay about 30-50% more for type of cleaning as you would if you book it yourself.

Another One Option the tenant can choose is to do it themselves.

Normally such a cleaning for a two bedroom apartment takes two cleaning technicians approximately 4-5 hours (each), which means ten hours go into the cleaning of a two bedroom property.

You can imagine how much time you ’ll be spending elbow greasing.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is much more than what you can achieve with your own detergents and equipment laying around (especially if your house has already been emptied for such a cleaning) The detergents our associates use are high grade and can not be purchased from your local Tesco store, but that’s not all that important.

What ’s important is that most of the people who ’d prefer to clean the house themselves would most likely miss a lot of crucial points and areas, which a professional cleaner would know to go over. A poor cleaning, which is obviously not done by a professional is easy for letting agents and landlords to spot, because in 95% of the cases, it’s lacking attention to details. 

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End of tenancy clean is a service that we provide to many of our clients. End of tenancy cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service, which we have years of experience in, as we started our services many years ago. Our cleaners are equipped with the best machines, tools and cleaning detergents out in the stores. Our end of tenancy cleaners will also use the safest and most recommended cleaning detergents when providing you with our move out cleaning service in London, Essex and within M25.

On a 2-bedroom flat or house, we would use 2 or 3 cleaners in the property for the quickest possible cleaning. When we do end off-lease cleaning we provide you with the following :

Cleaning all work surfaces,

cleaning all work surfaces

oven cleaning inside and out


cleaning the inside and the outside of the fridge

cleaning all of the floors in the flat or house

and much more( check our move out checklist).

We will make sure to leave your flat or house as clean as it can be. We will not mind if you want us to use your cleaning detergents if you have preferences.

Why SN Cleaning Services Company Is The Right Choose?




We perform background checks, vet the teams and check their credit history to ensure you get a reliable cleaner, that will not disappoint. Although we do our very best to ensure that the people associated with SN Cleaning services performing the end of tenancy cleaning in London are super reliable, we admit that in the past weve had issues with people that werent as good as we hoped theyd be, which has resulted in disappointed clients. Nowadays that s a thing of the past and the people you can expect will most certainly offer high quality service at a really reasonable price, without any additional charges that you might have come accross with other unreliable cleaners.


The cleaning business has changed dramatically in the past few years, which is why we are constantly improving and trying to keep the services and customer support with the highest possible level. The quality of the cleaning service is something you will be sure we wont make any compromises with. We stand behind our brand and SN Cleaning services means quality at the best possible price. Our Cleaners come fully equipped with detergents, professional grade vacuum and steam cleaners.

Letting Agents are also one of our targeted client groups. We are aware just how many properties go through their hands on a monthly basis around London and this is why we constantly work with letting agents around the city on cleaning properties they manage. The way you present a property can often lead to serious differences in the negotiated rent, which is basically a win-win situation for both the letting agent and the landlord. We all know that letting agencies have plenty of business and theres no going around that, considering about half the population of London is paying rent and everyone is always striving for a better life and better conditions. If you are a letting agent or represent an agency, wed love to discuss the opportunity of working together , so feel free to call us. Were always here to help!

Tenants are actually the type of client that we usually book the service for

Make sure you have the right cleaning company by your side, to secure your deposit back in full. Landlords are obviously the people that benefit the most from a property they let out. Usually they already own the house or flat and they generate passive income from it (at least most of the times). That said, when a tenant moves out, there is a bit of work to do, which generally isnt great, especially if the property owner has a job or a business to run. 

One off cleaning sessions are much cheaper, but dont come with a guarantee for the quality and a free re-clean, which is what our end of tenancy includes as a part of our policy. We offer a 48-72 hour guarantee, although with the standard of work we aim for, youll hardly ever need to rely on that. 

Weve thought of all those situations and we monitor all possible communications channels. Live chat, Phone, Email and even Viber. We acknowledge how difficult and fast-paced life is in London and we cater to our clients needs the best way we know how. Heres our tenancy cleaning service described with a few words SN Clean has been in the cleaning business for over 6 years and the years of experience that we have, enabled us to provide our customers with an amazing customer service and even better prices.


From our special way of forming the price to the moment when we give back the keys to you after the job is finished everything has been improved to perfection . At the beginning of every post tenancy cleaning our cleaners will start by putting their special sanitizing socks to keep any dirt off of your carpets. After bringing in the equipment from our special vans (including our own detergents) our cleaners will make sure to clean your house the good old fashioned way from top to bottom. Depending on what type of service you have chosen including or not including carpet cleaning the time it takes will vary from the size of the property and the condition of the property , but in any case the property will be cleaned good enough to cover all inspections or requirements of your landlord or the agency you have loaned the property from. Weve actually got a special page dedicated to our tenancy cleaning service in London that you can check out


Booking it online is also something weve worked on hard for the past couple of years and we believe that our online booking process for the end of tenancy cleaning service is as easy as it gets and definitely one of the best when it comes to London based cleaning companies. As an innovative cleaning company we try to make the process of booking the end of tenancy cleaning service as smooth and hassle free as possible. If you want to book online your end of tenancy cleaning, the simplest way to do so is by contacting us over the livechat.


Our online booking process is simplified and we have livechat agents ready to answer in a matter of seconds seven days a week. Of course we have thought of creating a simplified online booking process for our clients, which were in the process of developing at the moment.

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Are you moving to a new house? If yes, a moving house cleaner could come in helpful. Check our moving in/ out house cleaning prices using an online calculator.

The SNCleaning services have professional moving in and out cleaners to do the job for you. We can also provide moving in and out service for people who are buying or selling properties.

Our moving in and out cleaners don’t mind if you have specific requirements that you would like us to clean your estate. SNclean’s move house cleaning services are provided at the highest standards possible.